Had to be up and at it today as the clocks went forward last night…

…I couldn’t remember if the iPhone automatically updated the time so had to set two alarms, the first in case the clock didn’t update and the second for if it did. Annoyingly it did update, so when my 6:45 alarm went off, my body was still set to think it was 5:45. It only obliges at that time on a Sunday morning when I have a race to do, meaning I rolled over and took another hours sleep today. Once the second alarm went off though, it was time to run.

I’m building on my long(ish) slow runs at the moment so nothing of interest to report: It was T-Shirt and shorts weather, I sweated, I drank water. All in, 11 miles with steady splits and it wasn’t as bad as my face might suggest.

After that it was time to head home for Mothering Sunday to see my mum and the rest of my family. Whilst it is by no means the only thing that I’m appreciative of, whilst training I keep being reminded of the things I was taught to do as a kid and am thankful for. Either the years of taking me swimming so I was confident in water or letting go of me and letting someone else dangle me over large drops, pushing me out of my comfort zone. These and many other things I did as a kid gave me the opportunity to do what I do now.